Your Roadmap to a Competitive Future

IMEC assists organizations across all industries with process improvement strategies and coaching to develop an organizational foundation for success. This facilitated sequence is recommended for organizations pursuing distinction through the ILPEx Recognition Program.

  • Develop Expertise

    Designate staff to attend training sessions on the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Further prepare your organization by selecting staff to become ILPEx Examiners.

  • Assess your Readiness

    Gauge your organization’s baseline through a basic assessment, the Baldrige Express survey, or a facilitated deep-dive approach.

  • Commit to the Criteria

    Define what is important to your organization and complete the Interest in Excellence Application.

  • Analyze Examiner Feedback

    Review constructive feedback on your Interest in Excellence Application, and identify how to improve operations. Make organizational improvements to inform your strategic guide for success and future ILPEx Award application.

  • Improve Internal Work Processes

    Using your Examiner Feedback Report as a strategic guide for success, determine areas in which to make continued performance improvements. Assessing your strengths and opportunities for improvement provides an introspective and active look at your organization.

  • Apply for the ILPEx Award

    Engage leadership, staff, board members and customers to complete the full assessment of your organization based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

  • Obtain Unparalleled Feedback

    Host an Examiner Team at your facility for on-site interviews with key organizational representatives.

  • Develop an Improvement Strategy

    Review feedback from the Examiner Team on your ILPEx Award for Excellence application and Site Visit, and identify how to improve operations.

  • Strive for Success

    Performance improvement is an on-going process that involves re-assessment, feedback and responding to opportunities for progress.