Community Consolidated School District 93 Awarded 2016 Silver Award for Progress toward Excellence by the ILPEx Recognition Program

Peoria, IL (December 14, 2016) – The ILPEx Recognition Program has announced the Community Consolidated School District 93 (CCSD93) of Bloomingdale, IL as a recipient of the 2016 Silver Award for Progress toward Excellence. CCSD93 will be formally honored at the annual award ceremony and recognition dinner on March 30, 2017, at the Hyatt Lodge at Hamburger University located in Oak Brook, IL.

“Community Consolidated School District 93 is thrilled and incredibly honored to be awarded the 2016 ILPEx Silver Award for Progress toward Excellence,” said Bill Shields, Ed. D. and Superintendent of Schools. “We embrace continuous improvement. This award and the feedback we receive from the ILPEx application process helps us grow as an organization and continue to strive to achieve excellence.”

The ILPEx Silver Award for Progress toward Excellence is granted to those organizations which have demonstrated progress in building a systematic approach based in the Baldrige Excellence Framework, with evidence of deployment across organizational units.

CCSD93 is a pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade school district that serves roughly 3,800 students in nine schools throughout the villages of Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, and Hanover Park, Illinois. CCSD93’s mission is to maximize the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student by utilizing world-class educational practices in partnership with parents, staff, and community. With input from parents, staff and the community, CCSD93 has developed a Strategic Plan that provides the Board of Education, administration, and staff members the direction they need over an extended period of time to organize expertise, systems, and resources to achieve the District’s mission. As part of the Strategic Plan, the following goals were created to help it achieve its mission; to provide a rigorous education for all students, to provide an engaging education for all students, to be an employer of choice, to create optimized learning environments, and to strive for performance excellence while practicing fiscal responsibility. CCSD93 achieves these goals by focusing on providing a well-rounded, personalized learning environment for students and by keeping staff up-to-date with current teaching and learning practices through regular professional development opportunities.

“Community Consolidated School District 93 has demonstrated long-term perseverance in their journey to performance excellence for the benefit of their students and the community, as confirmed by their receipt of the ILPEx Silver Award,” said Ben Krupowicz, Executive Director of the ILPEx Recognition Program. “Well-deserved congratulations to a premier school district striving to maximize the potential of each student and thus shaping future leaders in the state of Illinois.”

To best serve their students, parents, staff and community, CCSD93 is on the Baldrige journey of systematic improvement. The ILPEx Recognition Program recognized CCSD93 with a Bronze Award for Commitment to Excellence in 2014. The feedback reports from examiners, combined with internal assessments based on the Baldrige framework were used to prioritize and address its most meaningful opportunities for improvement. CCSD93 exemplifies the concept of continual improvement and, going forward, the organization will use its latest feedback report to pursue further continuous cycles of learning and take the next steps toward performance excellence.

The 2016 ILPEx Board of Examiners – comprised of 45 experts in business, education, health care and government – volunteered over 9,800 hours assessing each applicant in seven categories: leadership; strategic planning; customer focus; measurement, analysis and knowledge management; workforce; operations; and results. The ILPEx Panel of Judges is responsible for validating the integrity of the ILPEx Awards for Excellence recognition cycle and determining recognition levels for each applicant. The panel is composed of experts selected from all industry sectors and geographic regions across the state of Illinois.

Since 1994, there have been 270 ILPEx Award for Excellence applicants and approximately 1,500 examiners, representing over 150,000 hours of work, resulting in appropriately $7 million in volunteered time – all to make Illinois organizations more competitive, create jobs, and improve communities. As your preferred resource for growth and enterprise excellence, IMEC also offers training and support to help you address the Baldrige Criteria from leadership to results.

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