Baldrige Connection

The ILPEx Recognition Program is the Baldrige-based program serving Illinois, as part of an alliance of diverse organizations and individuals committed to excellence and continuous improvement. ILPEx is one of approximately 36 state programs in the nation.

baldrige connection

Baldrige Award recipients have been very generous in their commitment to improving U.S. competitiveness and the U.S. pursuit of performance excellence. They have shared information with hundreds of thousands of companies, educational institutions, health care organizations, government agencies and others. Award recipients’ efforts have encouraged many other organizations in all sectors of the U.S. economy to undertake their own performance improvement efforts.

More information, including applications, profiles of the activities, accomplishments for each Award recipient at the time that the Awards were presented, and contact information can be found on the Baldrige Performance Excellence website.

Alliance for Performance Excellencealliance for performance excellece

ILPEx is a member of the Alliance for Performance Excellence, an organization that represents State and Local Baldrige based programs around the United States. All Alliance programs are based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and members work together to share best practices for performance improvement. The website has an extensive library with an ever increasing body of knowledge on the State and Local programs.

The Baldrige Performance Excellence website with the Baldrige Resource Library is available and contains over 1,000 articles and videos about Baldrige, organizational improvement and the Alliance. Get answers to your questions like, “How do I find out more about Baldrige?”, “How do I get started?”, “Should I do Baldrige, ISO, Lean, or Six Sigma?” – All aspects of organizational improvement, Baldrige, the Criteria, quality methods and tools are covered.