Pursue a “Mini-MBA” to Supercharge Your Professional Development

As life seems to only be getting more and more demanding, the need to advance your professional skills becomes ever more essential.  The ILPEx Recognition Program offers a thorough training program that mirrors many skills taught in universities across the world in MBA programs.  Pursuing these skills can boost the effectiveness of you and your team to drive growth through enterprise excellence.

Based in the systematic approach of the Baldrige Excellence Framework, training through the ILPEx Recognition Program clarifies how to assess an organization’s leadership; strategy; customers; measurement, analysis, and knowledge management; workforce; operations, and results; identifying current strengths and defining opportunities for improvement.  This education is in tandem with general professional development skills developed through a traditional MBA program.

Consider these six essential skill categories for today’s business leaders:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Business understanding
  3. Leadership
  4. Analytical perspective
  5. Communication
  6. Critical thinking

The ILPEx Recognition Program is a powerful way to become an in-house expert on enterprise excellence while increasing your competency on six sets of skills commonly developed in an MBA program. The more you delve into the concepts, the more you see the great amount of crossover between ILPEx-based and MBA training—with the benefit of being able to train several members of an organization at the same time.  A unique feature of the ILPEx-based training is the ability to improve your skills as a quality-driven professional, while increasing collaboration amongst a team.

Kathy Luelling of United Cerebral Palsy in Springfield has benefited greatly both personally and professionally from the training – and practical application – through the ILPEx Recognition Program.

“I think being an Examiner is the best professional development anyone could do… hands down.  It’s been the greatest thing that I have done. It gives you a lot of interpersonal communication experience, writing skills, negotiating skills, and understanding how teams work.”

Although the time commitment is significantly less than earning an MBA, pursuing training through the ILPEx Examiner program requires a motivated individual, one with the willingness to dedicate a substantial amount of time to classroom-style learning and hands-on application.  However, the payoff is worth it as the skills gained will greatly outweigh the time spent. Luelling goes on to say:

“Personally and professionally, being able to persist through that time commitment develops all sorts of personal tenacity and time management skills that benefit you in any task that you have coming up in life.  It’s a lot of work… but trust the process, trust yourself, and you’ll see benefits.”

By defining your processes, creating systematic approaches, measuring results, and continuously improving those results, you grow into a quality-focused expert with the ability to positively impact the building of a stronger, more successful future for your organization. The drive to master the skills of a traditional MBA program will advance your future and the success of your organization.

Interested in learning more?  Visit http://ilpex.org/develop/examiner-information/ to request more information and an ILPEx Examiner application.