Training Curriculum

Get Acquainted with Baldrige 2-4 hours Get acquainted with the basics of the Baldrige Excellence Framework, what it is and what it is not, why the framework has been successfully used by other organizations to understand opportunities for improvement and create an alignment of processes. This workshop is recommended for organizations that want to learn how the Baldrige Excellence Framework can help them with continuous improvement endeavors. At the end of the session, you will understand the basics of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and options to move your organization to the next level.
Champions for Baldrige Two Days A two-day workshop to develop knowledge and skills about the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Get an introduction, learn how to read the Framework and develop an awareness of the process used by application Examiners. The workshop is taught through the use of a case study and is a great way for staff in your organization to learn and begin to apply the Framework.
How to Write an ILPEx Award Application One Day Learn about the Baldrige Excellence Framework, ILPEx application process and the ILPEx award levels. Develop an understanding of how to get started on writing an application, evaluating where you are in the organizational process, with tips and examples on how to get the most out of your application, and understanding key points of the criteria in relationship to your organization. This workshop is highly recommended for all applicants.
New Examiner Orientation (ILPEx Examiners Only) Two Days Required workshop for any new ILPEx Examiner, which gives introduction of the process used by Examiners, including how to read the Criteria and how to write feedback comments, scoring bands and more. Develop knowledge and skills on how to utilize the Baldridge Excellence Framework as required for Examiner training workshop. The workshop is taught through the use of a case study and includes homework.
ILPEx Examiner Training (ILPEx Examiners Only) Three Days Required workshop to be an ILPEx Examiner that features extensive training as part of individual development to be an ILPEx Examiner.
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