An organization can begin their performance improvement at any point in the process, but ILPEx recommends this sequence to best prepare for moving through the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

  • Develop Expertise

    Designate staff to become an Examiner and to attend training sessions about the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

  • Assessment

    Gauge your organization through self-assessment surveys or the formal Baldrige Express survey.

  • Interest in Excellence Application:

    Assess “what is important to your organization?”

  • Examiner Team Feedback Report

    Review constructive feedback on your Interest in Excellence Application, and identify how to improve operations. Make organizational improvements to inform the ILPEx Award application.

  • Integrated Management Document

    Assess strengths and opportunities for improvement, informed by the Examiner Feedback Report, to outline the path for continued performance improvement.

  • ILPEx Award application

    Engage stakeholders to complete the full assessment of your firm based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

  • Examiner Team Feedback Report

    Review the feedback on your ILPEx Award for Excellence application and Site Visit Report, and identify how to improve operations.

  • Operations

    Determine areas in which to make organizational improvements and which processes to continue implementing.

  • The Cycle Continues

    Performance improvement is an on-going process that involves re-assessment, feedback and responding to opportunities for progress.