Baldrige Express

When you take steps to better your organization, you need to know if your efforts are working. But figuring that out can be easier said than done.

The ILPEx Recogntion Program, in conjunction with the National Council for Performance Excellence, offers a high-level diagnostic tool that can help. Called Baldrige Express, it’s designed to help you gauge deployment of improvement initiatives. This useful tool is available to you throughout the year. Call IMEC for details: 888-806-4632.


How long does it take to do a Baldrige Express survey?

The 45-question survey itself takes an hour to an hour-and-a half for each user to complete (depending on how thoughtful the person is in their comments). Companies often give employees a deadline to complete it (7 or 14 days, for example), and include incentives to encourage participation.

Once the company finishes gathering input from its employees, feedback comes quickly — within five days of completion, organizations will receive a feedback report.

How much does Baldrige Express Cost?

The entire analysis can cost as little as $2,500, a small fraction of using traditional consulting services to obtain the same data. The fee structure breaks down like this:

Survey participants Fees
Up to 49 $2,500
50-99 $3,000
100-149 $3,500
150-199 $4,000
200-249 $4,500
250-299 $5,000
300+ $5,000 + $10 per participant over 300

What kind of companies can use Baldrige Express?

The survey is appropriate for organizations of any type, including those in the manufacturing, health care, service, government, education, or non-profit sectors.

How can I get Baldrige Express for my company?

Contact ILPEx and the staff will walk you through the process from start to finish, introducing the assessment to your team, and culminating in an analysis of the findings. We’ll help you interpret the results and suggest steps you can take to address areas that need improvement.

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